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Get the most out of winter training

19 Feb 2019


So, the weather at this time of year may not inspire you rush out and start clocking up some miles on your bike, but trust us - you’ll be glad you make the effort. Jumping on your bike and clocking up some extra miles may:

  • Improve your immune system, helping you stay ahead of the winter bugs
  • Make you fitter, stronger and healthier
  • Help you lose some of the over indulgent pounds you may have put on over the festive period
  • Sleep better
  • Prepare yourself for those summer rides that you are longing for!

Preparation is key if you want to enjoy your first triathlon, charity bike ride or tackle your first 50 miler. The summer is only a few months away, so some training in the early part of the New Year will benefit you greatly and get you bike fit!

Say that you are already clocking up a couple of miles on a commute, then why not add an extra mile or two in? Do this 3-4 times a week, and you’ve just clocked up an extra 24 miles in a month - and you’re pretty well half way on to your first 50 miler. Give yourself a big pat on the back!

How about trying a 10-15 miler on the weekend with a friend, neighbour or work colleague? You’ll find yourself back at the start in about an hour, and you've had a great social experience on the way - not to mention encouraging one another on! After a few rides, things might start getting competitive between you as your time and confidence improves! Gradually increase on the mileage, by adding an extra 5 miles a couple of weeks at a time, and again you’re really clocking up some great miles. Well done you!

If you take your phone out with you download the Strava app to record your distance, time, average speed and elevation – its great being able to see what you cycled and show friends and colleagues where and how you ride. It's guaranteed that when they are reciting about the rubbish TV that was on over the weekend you’ll be feeling well chuffed with your well spent time out on your bike.

So what if it’s cold, dark and miserable out there? A turbo trainer allows you to hook up your bike and train in your house (Check with your partner first!) Turn on the TV and turn those pedals for an hour. See, training and the TV can complement one another! Turbo Trainers in Halfords start from as little as £50!

For a more virtual reality experience, smart turbo trainers allow you to ride various cycle courses and routes all around the world. They even have some extreme challenges like stages from the Tour De France if you are brave enough to tackle them! A monthly subscription to apps such as Zwift or Fulgaz (approximately £10 per month) allows you to tackle some great rides with stunning scenery, all in the confides of your lounge! Smart Turbo Trainers start at £180 in Halfords and trust us you’ll be delighted with your purchase - getting hooked and getting faster, stronger and more competitive. You can also record all your challenges on Strava to show your friends and family!

So whether it be on a turbo trainer, or you’ve got a few spare hours, jump on your bike and enjoy eating up those miles. You’ll be glad you did, start clocking up some impressive mileage and be “bike fit” for those springs and summer rides!

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